Celebrating Veterans Day

Today we honor American veterans for their service to protect our country and maintain our democracy with respect, honor, and gratitude. Sadly, many veterans struggle after serving our country, so today we ask you, if you can, to help the many veterans who struggle with financial, physical, and mental health challenges. We encourage our clients, […]

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Whatever Happened to Decoration Day?

Some of you reading this may never have heard the phrase Decoration Day. What we now call Memorial Day began as Decoration Day, when families went to local cemeteries or traveled to military cemeteries to decorate the graves of loved ones who died during military service. The Library of Congress reports that the first national […]

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2020

Today we honor the veterans who have kept our country and our democracy safe with respect, honor, and gratitude. We encourage our clients, friends, and colleagues to consider making a donation to a Veterans organization, as so many of the nearly 100,000 veterans living on Long Island struggle to meet basic needs. This year, the […]

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