New York Estate Litigation Attorney

Our firm’s sophisticated Trusts and Estates practice extends to Estate Litigation representation, including contested wills and trusts, contested powers of attorney, fraudulent transfers, real estate partition actions, spousal right of election, protection of beneficiaries and heirs, contested accounting/breach of fiduciary duties, trust reformation, guardianship proceedings and all related matters.

We represent individuals and families and beneficiaries in defending and protecting their inheritance rights and making sure that the wishes of the decedents are carried out properly.

When individuals die without proper documents, or when documents are not properly prepared, including wills, real estate deeds, trusts, etc., the resulting legal and emotional tumult can become overwhelming. We protect the interests of families and family members and all those with legal standing.

For heirs and beneficiaries who have standing and feel their interests have been undercut or they have suffered losses, we provide aggressive representation, in the proper forum, court or mediation where appropriate. When negotiations are not possible because of circumstances and the extreme emotions that estate litigation typically fosters, we litigate the matter in Surrogates Court and/or Supreme Court.

The firm represents clients in all matters incidental to wills, trusts and estates including:

  • Contested Probate
  • Contested Administration
  • Intestacy (no will)
  • Discovery Proceedings to Recover Assets
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Spousal Inheritance Disputes
  • Contested Accounting Proceedings
  • Kinship Proceedings
  • Will Construction
  • Trust Litigation and Construction
  • Claims Against an Estate
  • Power of Attorney Contests
  • Fraudulent Transfers
  • Real Estate Partition Actions
  • Guardianship Proceedings