New York Business Planning

The Law Office of Stephen J. Silverberg represents business owners, professionals and their business entities in matters including buy-sell agreements for corporations and partnerships, partnership agreements, operating agreements for LLCs and other corporate agreements. We also represent parties engaged in the purchase or sale of a business or professional practice. Our attorneys are skilled at coordinating these and other business planning devices with sophisticated estate and succession planning for the professional or closely-held business owner.

Succession Planning

Wealth and asset management that spans generations does not happen by accident. 

The Law Office of Stephen J. Silverberg provides the sophisticated technical assistance needed to ensure the preservation and continuation of assets from generation to generation. Properly drafted beneficiary designations for large IRAs or qualified pension plans, gifting methods that dramatically expand the scope of the annual exclusion and significantly reduce the taxable estate, are among the methods used to ensure the transfer of wealth.

Employee Benefits

We offer comprehensive tax and employee benefits services, corporate and individual tax planning for clients, including legal services to plan sponsors, encompassing drafting, implementing and amending qualified retirement plans, including Money Purchase, Profit Sharing, 401(k), Target Benefit, Defined Benefit, and Employee Stock Ownership Plans.

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