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The Law Office of Stephen J. Silverberg, PC, was founded by nationally known estate tax and Elder Law attorney Stephen J. Silverberg, Esq. to help clients plan for the future and preserve assets by managing complex legal, tax and financial issues.

Stephen J. Silverberg has been practicing estate planning for 40 years in Florida & New York. As a nationally recognized estate planning and Elder Law firm, we help individuals, families and business owners plan for the future and navigate through the highly technical world of estate planning, dealing with complex and sometimes emotionally difficult issues. Successful results are achieved by integrating the areas of estate tax, wealth preservation and business succession planning, Elder Law, Medicaid planning, estate administration, retirement benefits planning, and planning for closely held businesses and professional practices.

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Practice Areas of the Law Office of Stephen J. Silverberg

Trusts & Estate Planning

The firm counsels and advises clients on properly structuring assets to minimize estate tax consequences, using a wide variety of techniques depending on circumstances, needs and asset availability. Properly drafted wills are only the first step in the estate planning process.

Elder Law

Protecting assets in preparation for long term health care needs is a fact of life for families with assets valued from $60,000 to $1 million. Approaches typically used in planning to minimize estate taxes are often in direct conflict with approaches used in Elder-Law planning to qualify for Medicaid assistance for nursing home care.

Special Needs Planning

We offer assistance to clients who have special needs family members by creating Special Needs Plans. These tailored plans help them preserve government benefits while having their loved one cared for in all areas of their life: financial, educational and medical, and most importantly, their emotional and personal needs in the future.

Asset Protection Planning

Our firm helps families protect assets from outside attacks. Depending on the situation, the plan may incorporate trusts, limited liability companies, family limited partnerships, and other sophisticated and tax-efficient tools as needed.


Our firm has helped families and individuals with guardianship matters for many years. A legal guardianship proceeding is used to appoint a family member or friend to become a decision maker for an incapacitated person.  We can help with guardianship appointments, as well as contesting a guardianship proceeding.

Estate Litigation

The Law Office of Stephen J. Silverberg offers Estate Litigation representation to individuals, family members and loved ones with standing when there are issues with the final disposition of assets. We aggressively represent our clients to ensure that the decedent’s wishes are properly carried out.

Proper estate planning can make all the difference in whether a legacy is preserved for future generations, or if a substantial tax payment is made to the IRS.

With careful planning and coordination of several key areas – Elder Law, estate tax and healthcare planning, wealth preservation and business succession planning – it is possible to ensure that a family’s wealth is properly managed from one generation to the next. Helping people is the essence of the firm’s mission and the guiding principle behind everything we do.

Woman caring for a elder woman
For more than four decades, Stephen J. Silverberg has provided caring, personalized service to clients through customized plans designed to meet individual needs and accomplish goals.

The cornerstone of our success is the nature of the relationship we maintain with each of our clients, who are treated with sensitivity and respect for their individual needs and objectives. Our dedication to quality, creativity and understanding of the law forms the foundation of our longstanding reputation with clients, the community, and other professionals.