How to Grill the Perfect Steak

Annual Summer  BBQ Recipe Buy the steak Choose steaks best for grilling. Examples are flank steak, T-bone, tenderloin, and skirt steaks. With skirt steaks, always ask for an “outside” cut – it is larger, has more meat, and is more tender. Inside skirt steaks are thinner and tougher. They are primarily used for fajitas. The […]

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Stephen Silverberg wins tailgating cook-off contest at New York Jets game

Can My Family Inherit My Season Tickets?

Getting season tickets is a long game for New Yorkers, and everyone knows someone who waited decades before getting them. I’ve had my New York Jets season tickets for many, many years, and hope to pass the tickets to my sons. But the sporting world has become more complicated than it was. Will professional sports […]

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Top Six Reasons to Delay Having an Estate Plan

Despite two years of COVID, two-thirds of Americans still lack an estate plan It doesn’t make sense but is true. While we’ve never so closely known life’s fragility and know the importance of having a will, trust, or Power of Attorney, only a third of Americans have actually sat down with an estate planning attorney […]

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