Medicare Doesn't Cover Everything

What’s Not Covered by Medicare?

Medicare provides health insurance for retirees, but it doesn’t cover everything. In fact, there’s a lot that Medicare does not cover, and many of these are health care costs that can consume a nest egg. Here are the top five healthcare costs that should be part of your retirement preparations: Medicare and Long Term Care […]

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Medicare requires a specific form or it won't provide information

Power of Attorney is Not Enough for Medicare

A power of attorney is usually enough to take charge of a loved one’s financial and medical matters when they become incapacitated. But with Medicare, you need more than a POA.  Many people learn this the hard way. It is a problem that can be easily solved and will save you and your loved ones […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Naming A Corporate Fiduciary?

Many individuals who establish trusts choose to name a close friend or relative as trustee.  However, there are many situations where naming a corporate fiduciary is a far better alternative. Acting as a trustee requires that the person have a good background in finance and tax. Failing that, the liability of making poor financial decisions […]

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Corona Virus Update From Stephen J. Silverberg, Esq.

We are following the news about Coronavirus and a second burst of the traditional flu that’s impacting people in our community. While we don’t believe that anyone should panic, we do want to encourage anyone with older or immunocompromised loved ones to be prepared. The CDC is encouraging everyone to have extra food and supplies on hand, in […]

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Have You Created Your Retirement Checklist Yet?

Thanks to Forbes for this useful article, “How Much Do You Need To Retire: 4 Things For Your Checklist,” that includes a look at some items that must go on your retirement planning list: Decide on your retirement age. This is easiest for many people, but the age you choose should align with your retirement savings and Social Security benefits. […]

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Retirement: The Most Expensive Thing You’ll Ever Pay For

A new study from Merrill Lynch and Age Wave, part of a four-year, 50,000-respondent investigation into the changing landscape of retirement, reports that retirement has the highest average price tag when stacked up against life’s other biggest expenses. The average cost of retirement is over $700,000. That’s about 2.5 times that of the average home.  […]

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