Medicare Enrollment Season: What You Need to Know Now

I’m happy to learn that the CMS is combatting the misleading ads targeting seniors to switch from traditional Medicare plans to private Medicare Advantage plans. The number of mailers, television ads, robocalls, and emails has exploded – I received more marketing messages about Medicare this year than I did from candidates – and we all […]

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Medicare Part B Premiums to Decrease in 2023

For the first time in over a decade, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that Medicare beneficiaries will enjoy a lower premium in 2023. That’s welcome news for seniors living on a fixed income and struggling with dramatic price increases on, well, everything. The standard monthly premiums in 2023 will be $164.90 in […]

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Free Medicare Consultations Available During Medicare Open Enrollment Period

With the start of the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, people all over the country are getting their advice from two noted Medicare experts, Joe Namath—the famed Jets quarterback who also sold pantyhose and Noxzema—and J.J. Walker—you remember him from the sitcom “Good Times” and his catchphrase, “Dyn-O-Mite!” Additionally,  a barrage of infomercials from actors pretending […]

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Medicare Doesn't Cover Everything

What’s Not Covered by Medicare?

Medicare provides health insurance for retirees, but it doesn’t cover everything. In fact, there’s a lot that Medicare does not cover, and many of these are health care costs that can consume a nest egg. Here are the top five healthcare costs that should be part of your retirement preparations: Medicare and Long Term Care […]

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Medicare requires a specific form or it won't provide information

Power of Attorney is Not Enough for Medicare

A power of attorney is usually enough to take charge of a loved one’s financial and medical matters when they become incapacitated. But with Medicare, you need more than a POA.  Many people learn this the hard way. It is a problem that can be easily solved and will save you and your loved ones […]

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